Which track should I register for?

3-Day Leadership track: This option is primarily for advisers and editors-in-chief, although anyone with a leadership position on staff could benefit from the program. Topics will include setting up the ladder, making deadlines, managing your staff in a positive way, encouraging accountability, and training the staff in the fall.

3-Day Design track: Focusing on the look of your 2017 yearbook, this track is meant for designers and photographers, so it could include design editors, section editors, photo editors, and photographers. The morning session will focus on elements of design, how to use professional publications as inspiration for the 2017 book, and essentials of good photography. From there, designers and photographers will split up to work in their particular specialty. At the end of the day, layout designs and photos will be critiqued and evaluated.

Yearbook 101: eDesign/InDesign basics, team development, graphic trends, coverage, interviewing, and photography tips will be mixed in with plenty of time for staffs to work on their theme packet as a group. Beginning staffers and returning staffers who don't really require either the Leadership or Design tracks should register for this option.

Are meals included?

Lunch is included all three days; please let us know if you have specific dietary needs. You should bring snacks, water, etc.

What software do we need for layout work?

eDesign: Make sure that your 2017 eDesign site is online and that everyone attending the workshop has been added to the staff list. Also, make sure you have some good photos uploaded to the Images Library. You can do that by either uploading photos prior to the workshop or by using eDesign’s Save It Forward feature. (When you save layouts forward from your 2016 book to your 2017 book, all photos on those 2016 spreads will automatically be moved to your 2017 Images Library.)

InDesign: All of the laptops you are using at the workshop should have InDesign loaded, preferably the version that you will be using in your classroom. If for some reason you cannot get your school software loaded onto the laptop, you can download InDesign CC from the Adobe website (it is a full version that is good for 30 days). Please be sure to download the appropriate plug-ins for your software from the Herff Jones website. Also, have plenty of photos available so you can drop them onto your layouts.

What should we bring?

Parent permission slip

Payment for balance due (unless your school is making the payment)

Your 2016 yearbook 

Theme inspirations

Notebook & pens

Magazines (with good graphics for layout work)

Laptop (be sure to follow software instructions above)

Charger, extension cords, etc. for laptop

USB drive (at least one per school)

Printer (optional, but one per staff suggested)

Camera (for photographer track)

Extra yearbooks to swap

Snacks (lunches are provided)

A happy, creative attitude!